the siddhis go to sea

Lately I find myself writing very odd emails.   A few days ago I wrote one about siddhis and seasickness.

One of the five paths of this project is to return to the ancient texts of the Rgveda and those that came after.  Of late, I find myself more in that path than any of the others.  When I began I expected more balance, one step on this path, one step on the second, one on the third. But as it turns out, I get swallowed in chunks and things fly the way they will.

I was in my teens when I became fascinated with Sanskrit and the literatures originally written in it. Are they literatures? Are they religions? I am not going to say, lots of scholars have plenty to say.

The world, in these worlds, starts with consciousness. It’s the inside out, instead of the outside in, of the West.

The siddhis are what can be called superpowers, though it’s not my choice of word. They are, I suppose, a form of magic, except that they are already present in you, so if you cannot control them or use them, that’s on you.

I suppose, if you can’t tell the difference between ahem and atman, then I can’t say much for you either. But, what would I know of you? I barely know of me.


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