About Me


I’m a writer and a reader and I’ve been doing these things since before I can really remember.  I asked my mum for pictures of me as a kid, as I was pretty goofy and always had books. I spent my summers with books and trees (in them) and apples (fuel).

I’ve spent a lot of time traveling — I like remote places screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-4-39-03-pmand travel by slow forms; I talk to strangers because they tell me extraordinary stories about who they are, and why, and the ways in which they make themselves a reality. Ferries are my favorite transportation mode, and a few years ago I spent smmers traveling around 20k miles by sea. (Summers because I like the northern seas and the ice gets in the way the rest of the year. The photo is Alaska, in the Aleutian Islands. )

I am fascinated with languages, with translation, with how we create meaning and share meaning, and how this moves across languages and culture. How we tell stories and how we create stories.

This project, which started as a quiet reading project, and has slipped into something else, something different, something that generates so much meaning, that I think it will continue to be more and more central to my life. The magic of it is that these books ask for self-reflection, for a reconsider of the life I live, the world I live in, and what meaning I find, believe in, understand. The beautiful thing though, is that it generates questions, not answers. And questions get asked, to friends, strangers, anyone who listens, and together we re-explore what humans always do, we wonder.

I started reading, then writing started to come of this, then art — painting, collages, map-making, sound installations, historical recreations, video. Who knows where this is going and what it will be. I’ll try to generate more output, but sometimes I get lost in the awe. Feel free to poke at me, if you want more. Best email for me is theadelphiproject at gmail. I’m slow though, but eventually, I get there.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my wandering.