i libri

I still have 16 books out of the library, and only nine days left on this hill. I need to have three essays done by Sunday evening. The odds don’t look good, for these books, my fellow travelers.

Except the coming conflagration has made the Academy suggest we all stay home tomorrow, as the police are warning that they expect violence. (My local friends tell me this means we do not have to worry, that one must worry when they tell you to expect it to be peaceful.) There are eight different protesting groups, which they have tried to cordone into separate areas, and an expectation of around 800 black bloc folks. Personally, such a warning makes me wish to dive into the city and see what it is like. When I live in France it was one manifestation after another and I grew accustomed to them, though at the time when I lived there, they were rarely violent. So I could stay in all day tomorrow and read. Or I could go see for myself.

Le manifestazione o i libri? La biblioteca o la città?

p.s. I also realise that I forgot to read some books, like the many volume History of Magic and Experimental Science. screen-shot-2017-03-24-at-17-33-42